Hilary Marshall

Hilary Marshall is a Writer, Counsellor and Spiritual Director

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What people say

I’ve changed names to protect anonymity

I really think you are “spot on” in your analysis.. and I can’t sing your praises enough. I thank you for your support and honesty, often delivering very difficult messages in a caring, supportive way. I’ve really enjoyed working with you.


At first, getting a greater understanding of myself felt uncomfortable and scary but when it sank in it felt amazing and powerful. Hilary, you have a deep wisdom and a caring nature within that is very special.. thank you for being part of my journey.


You’re a very receptive and deeply spiritual person and you’ve helped me immensely. I’ve gained many insights into my own behaviour and motives…but perhaps the most important thing you’ve taught me is that I have much more going for me than just my academic ability.


What I provide

I offer three styles of counselling that can all be used in various sessions. I am also a Spiritual Director. Click below to find out more.

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For up to 1500-2000 words you send.

This can be done through several emails. I will answer thoroughly once each week or once every two weeks depending on your choice of frequency.

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Adults £55 per hour.

Couples counselling £65 per hour or £90 for 90 minutes.

Occasional face to face sessions can be included at the same price as your online sessions.

Children £35 for 40 minutes.

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£60 per hour

Adults & children

Couples counselling £65 per hour or £95 for 90 minutes.

Sometimes, shorter sessions for children can be arranged at reduced cost.

£50 per hour

Adults & children

Children £35 for 40 minutes.

We tell ourselves
      stories in order to live.

By Joan Didion

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